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Swiss telephone directory

Swiss internet site guide

Manitoo est le premier annuaire web de Suisse romande. Il repertorie plus de 11000 sites en langue francaise. Il propose egalement des reportages interactifs et des actualites liees au Net.

Addresses and further information on companies that are members of a Swiss Chamber of Commerce: company structures, business details, etc.

L’annuaire suisse des pages Web

Swiss news and information platform about Switzerland, business, culture, sport, weather- swissinfo

The free electronic Swiss phone book []

Directory and search engine

ODP - Open Directory Project

Swiss companies

The portal for business and investments in Switzerland - The Swiss company search engine - 30 branches divided into 2,500 sectors

All regional information at a glance: find phone numbers, events and classifieds for every location in the whole of Switzerland.

First Swiss Business Directory

The complete directory of businesses in Switzerland

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