SPIP Templates & Companies

Some of the more popular and more stable templating systems, made available under GPL.

Most templates are available on the Contrib site, but some others have direct links listed in this section.

The original templates used to build this site

An excellent site for starting out with SPIP and Sarka-SPIP - a how-to guide for configuring your first site

Resources and tutorials for customising your Sarka-SPIP website.

SPIP templates for any site running under SPIP. Squelettes.com offers you complete templates sets for sites running the SPIP publication system.

39 available templates that are compatible with SPIP 2. Numerous templates have already been created which are specifically adapated for SPIP 2, but they aren’t necessarily all distributed. As of writing, we have 39 templates that are "SPIP2 compatible" which have ben made freely available to the public by SPIP communities or solo authors.

bloOg is an automated system for managing an online blog - weblog for the web-wise. It is delivered under the GPL open licence. You may therefore use it freely for your own site, be it personal, social or commercial in nature.

Agora est un logiciel libre de gestion de contenus pour Internet, qui permet de mettre en place et de gérer rapidement et à moindre coût des sites Internet, des intranets ou des extranets.
Agora est adapté pour gérer des sites à caractère éditoriaux de taille importante, multilingue avec des modèles de page complexes, installés de préférence sur serveur dédié et dont l’équipe éditoriale comporte plusieurs niveaux hiérarchiques.

Spip-Clear - for blogging with SPIP

A teacher’s weblog.

Ce squelette généraliste s’applique à un site SPIP à partir de la version 2.0.

PLUME - flux agrégés dans la catégorie PLUME

PYRAT.net, creation of SPIP web sites, optimally referenced and fully accessible. Computing systems advice. SPIP courses. SPIP training.

A joint venture by Diala Aschkar, multimedia graphic artist, and Arnaud Martin, graphic artist and web developer, Paris-Beyrouth offers services for: creation of web sites based on SPIP, graphical design, DTP and editorial services.

The ALTERNATIVES youth programmes offer innovating and stimulating programmes for young people between the ages of 18 and 30 who are interested in community-based organisations, international solidarity, and building links with countries in the developing world.

Site de démonstration du jeu de squelettes ESCAL fonctionnant sous SPIP2 et mis à la disposition des Etablissements SColaires de l’Académie de Lyon.

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